We started Graviz 2014, with a mission to help enhance brand equity for our clients by combining smart insights with creative thinking. At Tomtebogatan 5 in Stockholm we share offices with other agencies incorporating their expertise when needed, allowing us to be fast moving and efficient.

Analysis. We use the Graviz Telescope to analyse company data and more accurately pinpoint the problem to solve. 

Strategy. We apply strategy broadly – from giving advise in the best way to run the business, to brand positioning. Through the analysis phase we get a clear direction for where to focus our efforts. Through workshops and discussions we agree on a road map designed to move the brand forward. 

Creative Work. Creativity plays a pivotal role in all problem solving – it could be applied on tasks from figuring out the basis on how a new business is set up, all the way to increasing the brand perception. In our process, the strategic phase tells us where to focus our communicative efforts – it can be to make sure that the company attracts the right talent, to launch invisible products on multiple markets or to destroy a self playing orchestra using a five ton boulder.