Selected work

We love to work in, and in between, different media. Mixing traditional advertising with PR, social media and innovative technology is becoming increasingly important. A fact that is raising the standards for anyone working in marketing communications. However, more tools means more fun! 

Please enjoy a few examples!


Below we have selected a few projects/videos that are representative for the diversity (we strongly believe that working with clients from different fields makes us smarter and better), and the level of execution that we always aim for.





Nacka strand is a suburb outside Stockholm. To promote its’ change from office area to residential area we took advantage of the huge empty building facing Stockholm’s inlet – a potentially fantastic display window for the region. We strived to find something relevant yet unexpected and to take advantage of the great location and surroundings. In short; to put the light on Nacka strand.


This teaser was released a
couple weeks before the event:


And here is the case study:


The result

The overall ROI on this project was 1:12 and the live event was a great opportunity to meet people already living in and around Nacka strand, as well as to welcome new ones interested in the evolving neighbourhood. Meanwhile the on-line experience was a way of engaging people who, for one reason or another couldn’t participate from the pier. The event was a first step in branding Nacka strand as a region with focus on creativity, innovation, and not to mention – enjoyement. Among other things the event was featured in ABC-nyheterna on Swedish television, on major global tech-sites like and won FWA Site of the day, FWA Site of the month and FWA top-12 Site of the year ( is the leading site judging cutting-edge innovation in digital media). The film documenting the event has later on been a useful tool when presenting Nacka strand to potential investors, and both commercial and residential interests and when presenting the area to media in general.




Guardian Glass

Guardian Clarity is a special kind of float glass manufactured by Guardian Glass. Having extremely low reflection, the glass is perceived as virtually invisible. It makes it perfect for museums aiming to safely present invaluable and fragile artefacts without distracting the viewer. The target group was curators all over Europe. In the campaign we couldn’t help but compare the marvellous pieces of art and innovation the glass is protecting with something almost as fantastic, the Guardian Clarity itself.


The result

The overall ROI on this project was 1:10 in business generation. And the campaign (banners, site, print ads and the video) gained lots of traction within the museum and interior design community, quickly establishing Guardian Clarity as the premium product when designing exhibitions. 




Blue Dragon

Today, with an infinite number of digital platforms there is a growing need for fast and inexpensive videos. They can be educational – in an entertaining way or extremely ”zeitgeisty” – commentating on something happening right now, or in some other way functional for a brand to maintain an ongoing dialogue with fans and followers. They are typically more about tone of voice and content rather than being visually mind-blowing and cinematic. Blue Dragon wanted to make swedes, who already love sushi, to start making their own. To break down some of the unwritten laws surrounding the japanese art of sushi we wanted to encourage swedes to dare experimenting.


The result

We ran the first wave of the campaign during 2016, with very good results. Sales were up significantly, 25%, when families & friends realized that it is simple and fun to roll your own.